Monday, 4 October 2010

48 Hours of Media consumption

As a first task, our task was to investigate just how much the media plays a part in our lives, by keeping a "media Diary" over a 48 hour period. The diary shows that throughout the day, most peoples lives are influenced by one or more media platforms, often without realising.

7:50 woke up,checked phone.
8:20 Listened to Radio on the way to school
8:50 Watched a News broadcast in Tutor
10:00 Checked emails
16:00 got home, went on computer to check emails, Facebook and to read the news.
18:00 Watched TV

10:00 Woke up, checked phone
11:00 Watched the news on Sky News 24
11:00 Also read a part of the newspaper (Telegraph)
12:00 Listened to the Radio whilst eating lunch
13:00 Went on computer to check emails, Facebook and to read the news.
13:30 Went out to the Cinema to watch Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (Was awesome)
17:30 Got home, checked Facebook again.
19:00 Watched TV
22:00 Went on the internet again, watched something on 4OD

In conclusion, i would say that my life is obviously influenced by a number of different media platforms, as in a period of just 48 Hours, i was exposed to over 5 different types.

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