Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Preliminary exercise - Pre Production process

Our group...

Our Group was made up of the following people:
  • Me, Alex Bryant
  • Daniel Coulston
  • Alice Clark
  • Alex Griffin
  • Georgina Barker
  • Livvi Manning
What we had to do...

Our first task which involved filming and media production, was to make s short film demonstrating a few of the key principles to filming, and to show a variety of camera shots. 
  • The 180 Degree rule
  • Shot/reverse shot
  • Match on action
The aim of the task was to produce something which showed our knowledge of continuity throughout the film by using these camera shots and editing techniques.

What we did to achieve this...

The first thing we did as a group was come up with a simple yet different idea to turn into a short film. We came up with a few ideas. Initially, we came up with a story about a boy meeting a girl for the first time, only to find out she wasn't a girl at all.
However, due to the person acting as the main character being away half way through filming, we had to change our idea to a more basic and easier to film one. We came up with a story about a boy who gets a text from his girlfriend, which makes him think she's leaving him. The boy then goes to meet her, fearing the worst, only to find out she wasn't leaving at all, and he made a big deal about a small thing.
This was put onto a storyboard with details of the shot types and what was happening in the shot. This gave us a good idea of what we had to do when filming, and helped to speed up the process.
Another key aspect of pre-production was writing a script. Although due to the length of the task there isn't much dialogue, it was still important as when combined with out storyboard it gave us a clear idea of what we had to do to film.

Slide show:

Here is a slide show of our storyboards, which were drawn by Alice. The first 4 are from our original, unused one (it never got finished), and the remaining three are the ones we used.

All of this preparation for our production made the whole process of filming much easier, and in my opinion gave a better result.

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