Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Preliminary exercise - Production process

For the main part of our preliminary exercise, we started off with a number of problems...
  1. The location - Almost all of the suitable rooms whee taken during the slot where we had time to film.
  2. Time limit - Because we had to start re filming after our first week, we now had less time to film.
  3. Making sure we didn't break the 180 degree rule.
  4. Getting to grips with the new equipment - our filming involved using equipment that I've never used before.
How we overcame these problems:
  1. We did this by filming parts of our exercise in different area which where free, and putting them together so they flowed. By doing this, we ensured that not only did we get all the shots we needed, we also saved time as we didn't need to wait for areas to become avaliable.
  2. We filmed some shots not in chronological order, which meant that we never had to stop to wait for areas to become available. We where also fairly organised, as we could refer to the storyboard and script, and get on with filming the shot. The camera work was good, meaning we never had to do more than two takes on any one shot. This also sped up post production.
  3. Whilst filming, we thought out the shot to make sure it would show continuity and not break the rule
  4. We helped eachother with this one, so everybody knew how to work each piece of equiptment. This would of been useful if one of the members of our team left during or before filming, as we wouldn't be stuck not knowing how to work something.
In conclusion...

Overall i would say our filming turned out to be pretty good. We managed to cover all the bases, and stick to our script and storyboard wherever possible.

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