Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Film Opening - 4. Who would be the audience for your media product?

The general audience for this media product was aimed at those interested in history and war films. However Because of this, we believe that this a rather large target audience due to its war style genre and that the cast it’s fairly male dominated we think this opens it up to an audience of males from the age 15 upwards, no lower than this due to the fact the film's rating would likely be a 15.

We have analysed some of the box office statistics from some of the films we were inspired by in order to make comparisons about the popularity of the genre. Obviously, we would not be expecting to produce a film with such a large genre, due to it's arthouse genre our lack of verticle integration.
An example is “Black Hawk Down,” a war film, took $274,347 (USA) in its opening weekend. Due to it being based on history we believe that this opens the film up to mixed gender audience of those who are lovers of history also. Another example is “Saving Private Ryan” another war film but based on the invasion of Normandy took $30,576,104 in its opening weekend at the box office. We have tried to keep it as open as possible but we are aware that it is still a very acquired taste in film for many people so we will not be able to expect our audience to be an incredibly large and diverse one, we should instead focus on one secure and small target audience.

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